10 Problems Cashiers Totally Understand

1. When old people try to argue you down about a deal that expired one week ago

Okay, look. I understand that the collards were 2 for $6 last week. And I understand that you are old and do not like change in our fast-paced society. But you’re going to have to let it go and pay by the weight please.


2. When you’re looking at your produce reference sheet for numbers and the customer keeps telling you how much it costs per pound of tomatoes

“Okay Lauren… The code for tomatoes of 4063…”
“Tomatoes are 56 cents a pound.”
“Okay but I have to do this on the register…”
“Tomatoes are 56 cents a pound.”

Just shut up. You don’t know the struggle of this register.


3. When someone asks for an obscene amount of cash back and you only have a few one dollar bills

I dread customers who pay in cash and I hate debit card users that ask for cash back. If everyone paid in food stamps everything would be a hell of a lot easier.


4. When someone starts loading groceries on your belt even though your light is off

Yeah, hi sir I have to go take a piss. Can you please go to lane 5?


5. When your co-workers steal the put-backs

Let me get away from this damned register and feel like an oblivious shopper again please!


6. Shopper’s reward cards

Stop. You will never take advantage of these. Stop telling me your name and making me type your phone number in the register.


7. You despise those extreme couponing shows

The peacefully ignorant sit at home on their leather couches and screech, “Wow! What a great steal that family made with their 200-paged coupon book!” I used to be one of them. And let me tell you, I can barely deal with the old ladies who pay in checks—and don’t get me started on WIC checks—so please don’t even say the word coupon around me. Take your wheat bread and whole milk and go.


8. When you don’t have a bag boy and the customer won’t take their freaking bags off of the carousel

Ma’am do you want your groceries in bags or do you want me to chuck your naked purchases over the counter into your basket? Please for the love of God pick up your bags full of chicken while you gawk at the price screen. It’s not like I’m asking your to walk and chew gum at the same time.


9. When people drink their sodas in line and make you ring up their empty bottles

It’s both a nasty and confusing experience for your cashier when they see an empty bottle of Grapico plummeting towards their scanner.


10. Pushing the wrong keys on the register and having to do big math in your head

One time I accidentally punched in that a woman gave me $10,100 and the register said that I had to give her nine thousand, nine hundred, something-something dollars back in change. It might not have been super-duper hard math if I sat down and thought about it, but it really messed me up for the rest of the day. Also if I was $9,000 short by the end of the day, I’d totally get written up.

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