3 Things I Love about Being Black II

Feat. art by Joanna Boyce Wells via Wiki commons

To Black Girls: God forbid you ever feel bad about your color. Here is a short list of what I love about my color and culture.

–          Voice Pitch

I’m noticed that black people’s voices are generally lower than those of some other races. I’ve never been one for shrill voices anyway, so I’m perfectly content with the lower pitches of black women’s voices. Our voices are by no means mannish despite what certain racist scientists try to say! I actually think that our voices are pretty charming—a chorus of calming, a low hums. People might try to bash us and say Oh, How Masculine! Bet let’s face it. You know, I know, and they know that our voices are downright sexy.


–          Lips

Every person has their favorite feature and for me it’s a close tie between my calf muscles and my lips. Many people have plump lips, but it is a commonly referenced, stereotypical feature on a black woman. The shape of my lips has jumpstarted my growing obsession over rosy and plum lipsticks. They actually make me feel pretty confident!


–          Skin

I don’t know about you guys but I never understood the war against dark skin. I’ve always thought that dark skin was gorgeous on a woman no matter what her ethnicity. I believe that not one skin color is more superior to the other. We are born in different shades for a reason, so it’s especially disheartening when society establishes a stigma against something that cannot be changed.

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