Are you wearing your beauty today?


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Twitter is, by far, my favorite social media site. I use it more than Facebook and Instagram combined. Twitter can have its moments where I question if it is worth it to even read my timeline; however, the past two mornings have made me remember why I love it.

Monday morning my followers were celebrating the beauty of black women, and the outpouring of love had my heart beaming. One of the things you’ll learn from reading my posts is I love to keep people uplifted and encouraged. I don’t think there is enough of it happening in the world. Reading the words of my followers, and their followers as they retweeted them, was nothing short of amazing. Everything was celebrated: our strength, our intelligence, our beauty and resilience, our ability to hustle and almost create possibilities when it seems there are none, our ability to lead yet remain humble and graceful… Nothing was overlooked. Reading those words made me think of the things I love about myself, and I’m hoping it did the same for all the women reading it.

We need more positivity on display like that. It has a wave effect that causes others to celebrate themselves and those they love. Seriously, how often do you actually celebrate yourself? How often do you look in the mirror and fall in love with the reflection staring back at you? This morning I was sharing how not being celebrated, how not being told you are beautiful as a young girl can greatly affect your self-image as an adult. Seeing so many women who agreed with me only made me realize how imperative seeking out and finding the things that are beautiful about ourselves truly is. Are you aware of your unique beauty and everything that entails? Do you recognize daily the importance of your existence? How often to you take a look at the goals you’ve achieved, no matter how small, and congratulate yourself? Celebrating yourself in a time where perfection seems to be required, yet remains unattainable, is completely necessary. It is a beautiful thing when others remind you of your light and celebrate you, but there is nothing like celebrating yourself. Constance, one of my dear friends and former coworkers, used to always ask me the same question as I began my work day. She used to say, “Hey, Sis! Are you wearing your beauty today?” It was her way of asking me if I was consciously aware of my worth on a daily basis. That was three years ago and I still make an effort to ask myself that question no matter how my day goes. I now pass this question to you. Life can be a major challenge. Things happen, sometimes through no fault of our own, but we have to strive to remember our greatness in the midst of it. So, each day you rise and go forth on your life’s journey, ask yourself, “Am I wearing my beauty today?” Let the answer always be “Yes!”

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