Do You Need a Nap?

“Are you sure you can handle the workload?” my mother asked me at the beginning of summer.

I had just signed up for a summer semester of college and had started a new job. Normally, this would seem like a daunting position to be in, but when faced with a challenge, I have two default settings: I either completely shut down or a surge of adrenaline begins coursing through my veins and I become (often incorrectly) certain that I can do anything. That day, I happened to be operating on my ‘adrenaline’ setting: I laughed smugly and shook my head at my mother’s naiveté.

Silly mother, I thought to myself, as I took a slow sip of orange juice. You have no idea what I am capable of

As it turns out, I am capable of nothing: My life has only become slightly more difficult, and yet my entire world is crumbling around me. Yesterday, I walked out of the mall with a pound of chocolate in hand because a saleslady convinced me that they were Oprah’s candy of choice and I was too tired and confused to say no. Then I ate all of them while watching the One Direction movie and wondering where my life went wrong.

During times like these, I like to look inside my heart and ask myself: Do I need a nap? Working is an inevitable part of life–there’s no getting around that–but so many people spend so much time biting and clawing their way to success that they forget they are worth more than a couple of achievements. They are human beings who need time to sit down and enjoy the world around them.

Perhaps you have found yourself in just such a situation, but are finding it hard to determine whether you deserve a break or not. If that’s the case, here is a simple guide to refer to before you catch some zzz’s, using situations we all encounter in our daily lives.



I’ve had a long day of college filled with college things like wearing togas and playing Frisbee in the quad.

Yes, you need a nap.

I attempted to speak with some of my classmates, and it ended in a spectacular show of social awkwardness.

Yes, you need a nap.

I spent countless hours binge-watching Game of Thrones last night instead of doing my homework.

If you don’t take a nap, the Lannisters win.

I tried to be a nice daughter and wash the dishes for my mom, but somehow I ended up spilling water on my pants and now it looks like I peed myself.

Yes, yes, to the bedroom.

I attempted to look tech-savvy while talking about video games, but was promptly shamed by someone whose knowledge of Zelda far surpasses my own.

Do you even need to ask?

My aunt keeps calling me under the guise of having some “girl time,” but I know it’s just a trap to get me to do manual labor for her.

Pretty sure slavery is over now. To bed with you!

Today in the middle of class, I accidentally started laughing out loud at a random memory and everybody stared at me like I was covered with the dark brown spots of leprosy.

Your sheets will never judge you. Take a nap, my child.

I tried to show a funny Youtube video to people at lunch, but nobody laughed and I felt supremely stupid.

THE WORST. Go to bed!


There you have it! Together, let us continue to fight for our hopes, dreams, and the right to nap freely!

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