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keep-calm-and-enjoy-blogging-2What’s your first thought about bloggers? Freebies? Advertorial? Events? Freeloading? Give away some free food, drinks, cash vouchers or whatever and you will see tons of them. This is what people think of us, but I’m going to go ahead and say no. People, regardless of whether or not they are bloggers, will go any place where there is free food, drinks, and money. It is not a blogger issue. So what if bloggers love free stuff? Most human beings love free stuff. I can’t deny that some might become bloggers because they think they are about to get the free stuff; that’s what happens in Malaysia’s blogger circle.
But NOT every one of us is like this. I blog for 5 reasons:

1. To Express Thoughts and Opinions
I’m a girl who always likes to think and I have opinions on many issues. Everyone won’t take the time to listen to your story. Even when they are there you aren’t promised their interest in what you have to say. So what’s the best way to express? Blog.


2. Why Not Share?
Yes, I do blog sponsor or advertorial posts, but I don’t just write for money. I love to share! I want to share a product that I believe my readers should try and the product is usually something I buy with my own pocket money. I provide pros and cons regarding every product I blog about, even if it’s a sponsor post. People like to do some research online before they buy a product, and I can help you with an honest review.


3. Practice Makes Perfect
Those people who read my blog posts in their rawest form will notice that I have terrible English. I never deny it. Not to show off, but yes, I’m really good in Mandarin. Not only good, very good. I used to represent my primary and secondary school to take part in many of the state and international competitions such as debate, writing, and speech contests in Mandarin. I also got a lot of prizes from the contests. Besides that, I always contribute my writing to Mandarin newspapers, too. Sadly, I’m really BAD in English. I always got A’s from kindergarten to secondary school but only got B’s after stepping into tertiary education. My English has only reached secondary school standards. That’s why I blog in English and I dare to show off my terrible English. I want you people to comment. I need your help to improve my English.


4. Get To Know People Like You
Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting a blog can help me find people who have the same thoughts and opinions as I do. I love to make friends! I have a lot of friends, but all of them don’t live in the same place. Even some of my family members so live in Kuala Lumpur, Johor, and Singapore. Blogs provide a simple way for me to stay connected with my beloved family and friends from different parts of the world by sharing stories, photos, videos and more.


5. Just Because I Enjoy Blogging!
I love to read and write. Blogging is one of my hobbies. Back to the second reason: I like to share. I really love to share things that I think are worth sharing with all of you! And I enjoy doing this.


Yes, bloggers may always get the freebies, trials, blah blah blah, but we pay for it with our effort, time, and thoughts by writing about them. We don’t just get it free with nothing! We blog because we love it, because of our passion–not for money. If you wanna blog because of money, it’s not a blog; it’s just an advertising medium and you won’t feel free to express your own feelings. I believe every blogger fights for their dream. And we don’t only live in this blogger’s world–we have our own life in reality to deal with. Everyone has to pay for what they want, even bloggers.

Dorothy About Dorothy
Malaysian Chinese freelance mass commer, shopaholic, cultural dancer, and vampire lover who is passionate about blogging. Willing to receive comments but I don't care about the malice critics, I blog in my own way and I don't try to please anyone else. I love music and parties and I always like to try and learn new things. *Not really good in English but always willing to learn and trying my best to improve!

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