Raiding the Tomboy’s Closet

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I always pick comfort over style, but I really admire people who know what they’re doing when it comes to constructing outfits. Many clothes described as “feminine” are uncomfortable and ill-fitting, so I always think it’s cool when when people disrupt the gender norms of the fashion industry. I’m a minimalist, so I like basic makeup and usually avoid accessories. I gravitate towards the ironic when it comes to clothing, so I often choose to dress formal things down and dress casual things up or to wear things because they’re dorky. Here’s a peek inside my closet.

Black skinny jeans

The greatest thing about black jeans is that they can look incredibly proper with the right outfit or they can be laid-back with a casual shirt and comfortable shoes.

Plaid shirts

Afro Girl calls me a hipster because I wear so much plaid. I love patterns and blending colors, and I often wear plaid shirts over t-shirts. I like layers because they make me feel safe, and plaid shirts are a quick upgrade to hide the boxy shape and casualness of a tee without sacrificing comfort.


I like Vans because they slip on easily and they’re light. And flat. And they’re not too girly. I can wear them with pretty much everything I own because the two pairs that I have are gray and black, but I also like the new patterns that are coming out. (There are Yellow Submarine Vans!) My favorite thing to wear with them is a black dress and patterned leggings, because it’s proper without taking itself too seriously.

Band tees

I have to stop myself from buying too many of these.


I have a bunch of vests, but I don’t have many shirts that look decent with them. I like having a really formal vest with blue jeans and nice boots.


I have a heart-shaped face, so a lot of sunglasses (like Aviators) look funny on me. I like glasses on people, period. I wear contacts, but on weekends I mostly wear a pair of Elvis-Costello-type glasses to give my eyes a break. They’re dorky in a rock-nerd sort of way. Sunglasses are great because I can people watch (hopefully) without making anyone too uncomfortable. I kind of feel like I’m invisible. Wayfarers make me feel like it’s still the 60s and I’ll walk around the corner and hear someone blasting The Rolling Stones.


I blame my love for button-ups on Ezra Koenig. I like simple mono-color ones and their ability to be dressy with the right pants or casual with a pair of jeans.











This is Debbie Harry’s fault. She makes neckerchiefs look effortless. I like them because of their versatility. You can wear them so many different ways. It’s an easy way to add a splash of color to a plain outfit.

Black boots

Shoes make the outfit. Boots can upgrade a simple jeans-and-tee combo fast, and if you have a hard time with heels like me, there are lots of cute flats out there.

Men’s shirts

Ben Sherman Blue Stripe T 1

Raglans, tees, v-necks…I wear a lot of men’s shirts. I bet half of my shirts didn’t come from the women’s department. Men’s shirts are loose and comfy and I don’t have to worry about low necklines or the length being too short. The next boyfriend I have better be prepared for me to steal his clothes.

Obnoxious socks

I collect quirky socks. It’s kind of sad. Especially when I get emotional over having to throw a pair away because there’s a hole in the heel.

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